Roger A. Reichert, M.D., Ph.D.
Gynecologic Pathologist

Pathology Consultation Services

 Dr. Reichert provides consultation services in gynecologic surgical pathology to both pathologists and patients in two unique ways:


Same-day curbside consultations are provided using whole slide images. This service is designed for scanner-equipped pathologists with a digital pathology system that includes remote viewing capability who need some guidance on a difficult case, but who don't need a full-fledged formal consultation. Usually within hours, I can suggest a diagnosis, help to reaffirm your diagnosis, focus your differential diagnosis, advise you on the most optimal panel of immunostains, and/or highlight the need for additional sampling or the need to learn more about a specific aspect of the patient's history. Email me at for more details. 


I generate a formal consultation report after reviewing your case. Not only do I provide you with an expert second opinion on your slides, but I also help you to understand your disease process and help you to formulate the questions you should ask your physician so that you can get the proper treatment and follow-up. I provide a degree of personal attention and responsiveness that cannot be matched by other consultants. I charge $250 for this service (fees for out-of-network, patient-generated consultations are typically not reimbursed by insurance companies). Email me at for more details.

CURRENT STATUS: Dr. Reichert is AVAILABLE for consultations. Please note that Dr. Reichert will be retiring effective 1/1/19, and that this website will no longer be functional as of that date.

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